The Price of Coal

Created by Unicorn Motorcycle Games

A tabletop roleplaying game about labor rights and the Battle of Blair Mountain.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

December Update
20 days ago – Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 12:35:20 AM

Hi folks! Just a quick check-in here at the end of the year!

We are now through the layout process and we’re doing some additional proofing with fresh eyes to make sure we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s. We want everything to be just right so we’re not rushing through proofing.

We’ve also started working with Roll20 and we’re preparing the files that they need in order to get the digital version of the game ready. This is a really exciting process, and I’m really glad to be able to share the game in this way, which will make it more accessible everywhere.

What’s Next?

Once we’re through proofing, we'll send the files off to the printers and get on their schedule! Don’t forget to fill out your Backerkit survey if you haven’t yet, and please share the preorder link with anyone you think might be interested in the game!

As we close out 2021, we just want to thank you all again for taking this ride with us. We’re looking forward to bringing The Price of Coal to your tables in 2022!

November Update - Backerkit Incoming
2 months ago – Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 08:46:18 AM

Hi folks! This month’s update comes a bit early as we’ve got some exciting news - Backerkit surveys will be going out shortly! An initial batch of surveys will be sent out to a small segment of backers as a smoke test, then the rest of the surveys will go out a little later if there are no issues.

Backerkit is also how we’ll be handling late pledges/pre-orders for any folks who missed the campaign the first time around. So if you know anyone who would be interested in The Price of Coal, you can now share the Backerkit pre-order link with them!

In addition, we’re utilizing Backerkit to distribute the community copies that were funded during our campaign! Anyone who may not be able to afford the game can get one of the community copies as a pre-order until they run out, and they will receive the Roll20 key when those are sent out to our backers.

What’s Next?

Layout is continuing, and once those assets are complete, we will start working with both our printer and with Roll20 to begin production of the physical copies and the digital module. We’ll be spreading the word that pre-orders and community copies are now available, and we hope you will too!

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your continued support!

October Update
3 months ago – Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 04:51:10 AM

Hi folks! As noted at the end of our campaign, we’ll be posting updates on a monthly basis as we work to get this game into your hands. Just a brief update for October, but things are progressing well!

Editing and Layout

We’ve completed the copyediting process with our excellent editor, Jess Mifsud! She reviewed the text not only for grammar but for clarity and conciseness, making sure everything is as easy to understand as possible.

We have now sent the files to our layout designer, Miguel Angel Espinoza, who’s going to take all those words and all of Jacqueline Florencio’s beautiful art and put them together to turn the game into the best possible version of the product.

What’s Next?

Once layout is complete, we’ll be able to send the files to our printing partner, Shuffled Ink, to begin production of the physical copies. We’ll also be able to begin work with our VTT partner at Roll20 to start developing the digital version of the game.

Our next update will be in November. Thanks for reading and we hope you’re looking forward to The Price of Coal as much as we are!

We Did It!
4 months ago – Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 12:44:40 AM

We did it! Thanks to you all, we raised $26,129 and had 827 backers! This whole campaign has massively exceeded any expectations I might have had and I am overwhelmed by your support. To know that The Price of Coal will find a home at so many game tables is the best feeling in the world.

What’s Next?

After taking a week to celebrate here at HQ, we have just a few more things to wrap up for the game itself. We’re putting on the finishing touches in a final dev edit, and then it’s off to Jess Mifsud for copyediting to make sure everything is correct. From there it’s over to Miguel Angel Espinoza for layout!

We’ll keep you posted on progress with monthly updates from here on out. So stay tuned and keep carrying the banner!

Late Pledges

Since we will be using Backerkit for this campaign, it will be open for late pledges soon. That way anyone who may have just missed out on the campaign can still take advantage of the same backer tiers while we’re in the preorder phase! So if you have a friend or union member who didn’t hear about us until too late, tell them to keep an eye on this space!

Thank You

Thank you all again, for pledging, for sharing the campaign, for telling your friends, for reaching out to tell us what you thought of the game! We’re so excited to get the game into your hands and to hear all the wonderful stories that will arise at your tables.

In the Home Stretch!
4 months ago – Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 02:08:40 PM

Hey folks! It’s hard to believe, but we’re coming into the last few days of the campaign! People told me it would sneak up on me before I knew it, and they were right. I hope you’re all as eager as we are to get The Price of Coal wrapped up, off to the printers, and into your hands!

What’s Next?

We’ll have more details for you after the campaign wraps up, but we’re getting everything all set up with Backerkit now. If you’ve never used Backerkit before, it’s a pledge manager tool that helps us wrangle add-ons, shipping, and more. At some point after the campaign ends, you’ll get a survey from Backerkit to provide what info we need to get the game to you.

Until Then…

If you just can’t get enough of The Price of Coal, we’ve got some more actual plays to share! If you enjoyed the first part of our One Shot Podcast recording, where we set up the game and built our relationships, don’t miss part two - this is where we start getting into our story and seeing how events unfold.

I also got to play the game recently with Plus One Exp on Twitch! If you missed the livestream, never fear! The full session was recorded here, and it’s well worth a watch.


Carry the Banner

Thank you so much for your continued support for The Price of Coal! This campaign has already exceeded my hopes and expectations, and hearing from you all means so much to me. The last few days of a Kickstarter can be huge, so don’t stop spreading the word on social media!